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What can you create with your napkins?

What can you create with your napkins?

There is often talk in the craft community about how much waste we have in the world. Crafters, in particular, will use anything old and recycled for their projects.

Out of the mixed media staples used for decoupage or collage is paper napkins.  The thin layer can enhance a project with either pattern or a ready-made picture.

When crafting, and using a design from a paper napkin, crafters pull the layers apart, only using the uppermost layer.
This inevitably leaves one or two backing sheets floating around.

So what can be done with these extra blank pages?

One option is to stamp them.

I decided to give this a go myself.
I used Stazon ink pads as they're water-resistant once dried, and the napkins will get wet when using glue to decoupage.  

I also incorporated tissue paper in this experiment. (See in pink)

While I was on this, I tried stamping onto the topmost layer of a luxuriously thick double napkin taken from a restaurant.
After pulling the layers a…

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